Club Penguin Hacks w/ CPT2

February 24, 2007

Well, first you need Club Penguin Trainer 2, or ArtMoney, as Randomizer calls it. Google search it. Download it , I swear it is not a virus, then go to a website with the codes, I’m working up a complete list. The click on CP hacks. Then well, you figure it out. WARNING: you must put on ultimate safe mode, then you have 5 minuts untill your banned for 3 days, have all the fun you can! two codes

241 Ninja

242 Captain Rockhopper


Rambling 1

February 20, 2007

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Incoherent Ramblings
Rand0mizThat!~ productions
30 January 2007
 Ahem, now, i have a friend, you can visit his website,, and he has a habbit of hitting me, yes, out of the blue, he will blame something, ANYTHING, on me and hit me, no matter what, if someone gets Streppocotticus Throat, he yells “*FIRST NAME WITHELD* ” and hits me, you see the pointlessness? I devecided to do what I never thought possibe, analyze this like a therapist would, and say it like they would sound. “This result in the blaming resulting in phsical vionlence is just a reflection of inner self-conciousness and self pity, not an actaul state of mind.”
 “Something else that gets on my nerves, people getting sick, yes sick, it makes me so freakin’ mad, if I had to blame someone, i would pick either Canada or Mexico, M with exico Ahhhhh!! have you noticed we have to pay millions of dollars to build a fence and what do they have to pay? HUh, they don’t even giva a dime, Dangit thay makwe me  want to throttle ……. oh you havn’t lost interest yet, oh well this is embarresing, next topic!
 Why do parents dump their children at some so called “daycare facility” I mean really have you seen those houses from the 1930’s with thier “Little Bo Peepers” signs, i mean they could do anything to your kids while your off at work, or buying crak or whatever, getting drunk you neglectful parent, don’t you give a d**n about your own  kids, why don’t you just get a life and care about someone other than your freakin self , take example your child! I hate you I hate you!!!!
 What kind of freakin’ retard invented spam? what type of spam, those nyo9ning e-mails the man sends you to nruin your life, or maybe the canned bite of heck!
 What’s up woth kenny and his making me laugh and then i get 4 marks il, she is the devil, she is satan possesd in a human, dhe is the antichrist she deserves to be thrown in the lake of fire! th sexist scum of human she i just broke the keyboard of my friends labtop, man ths sucks, imean why can’t i break my own keyboard, better fix it!the thing is that i dont like the fact that i told kenny to freakin stop cheating off my paper and i get 40,000,000,000 marks!!!you know what else, she puts 2 things on the board that both say chorus and tells us to write the chorus. How are WE supposed to know what she freakin wants us to write?!? Heath got in trouble for telling Maclain to stop doing something to him and she gives him a mark for telling someone to stop doing something… I think shes canadian.
 Canadians….dont even get me started! I got half of my payback on Mrs. Fisher (who is Canadian) by laughing my head off when she was giving a lecture to me and paul and kenny. When she said “Travis, it was not your right to talk or to hit kenny” I just started cracking up because Kenny was cheating off my paper and I told him to stop and hit him justly and she gives me a billion marks! Mrs. Fisher…that name already sounds like male Canadian fisher…I think Bin Laden isnt even in America…Hes probably hiding in Mrs. Fisher’s old house in Canada… Front Page: “Canada Stashing Bin Laden because he says he cares for them!”.
 If I had a dollar right now i would probably go and buy something like a snack from a snack vender…Venders! Those things make me so freakin mad! you put the dollar in, it attempts to vend the snack, gets stuck, and gives you your change! They just keep it! Those Canadians!